The Blikkaba life

Frontlines Everywhere

This is a blog of an everyman’s front line – one of billions of front lines. We all live on the front line – wherever we are, there is our own front line, whether it is hazardous, safe, exciting or dull. For some people it is a war zone – a literal front line in the old fashioned sense of the word. Nowadays, the front line isn’t some remote location. Increasingly, wars, famines and pandemics are asymmetric – they happen anywhere and everywhere. And that puts each and every person on the planet on the front line. The intention is for this blog to be a record of my personal front line. A record of the events which shape my own front line in life – global events and lived experiences written about from a personal viewpoint.

Many of these events and experiences will be common to everyone. I do not claim special status for my front line over anyone else’s front line. But we all experience life uniquely. Unique front lines are the stories of individuals and the stories of individuals are interesting. We are all on the frontline today more than ever, and the coronavirus crisis has put us there with terrific focus. None of us knows for sure if we will survive. For many of us, this is our first genuine experience of what it is like to feel in peril. An experience many of our cousins all over the world suffer every day.   


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